A new vision for growth for Tuscarawas campus

Haley Phillippi

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“We have established a new master plan for the campus,” said Gregg Andrews, dean of the Kent State Tuscarawas campus. The plan is looking at the long-term future for the campus located in New Philadelphia, about 30 minutes south of Canton.

The plan incorporates the expansion of the north side of University Drive. Andrews said, “The master plan is a visioning process to ensure the campus is positioned to meet the needs of the community for the years to come.

“We have outgrown the south side of University Drive,” Andrews said. “We need to incorporate that land into the north side.”


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Not only will the master plan involve expanding the campus itself, but it will also help create programs that serve Kent State students in their employment process.

This idea came about a year ago, and Andrews said it could take between 15 and 20 years for progress to occur.

Andrews serves as chief of the academic board, which means he is responsible for making partnerships within the community and for hosting fundraisers.

This fall is the second highest enrollment that the Tuscarawas campus has ever seen with more than 2,700 students enrolled.

“Our hope is continued enrollment growth, the development of new programs to serve the needs of the area business and industry and enhancing our contributions to the intellectual, social and cultural vitality of the region we serve,” Andrews said.

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