Opinion: Tebow’s time



MIchael Moses

Michael Moses

Michael Moses is the sports columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected] and at @MichaelMoses13.

Al Davis said it best, just win, baby, win. And that’s what Tim Tebow does.

The Denver Broncos announced Tuesday that Tim Tebow would be their new starting quarterback. This was after the starter, Kyle Orton, completed six of his 13 pass attempts for a dismal 34 yards. All I can say is hallelujah and praise baby Jesus. Tebow may actually say that, too.

The starting quarterback job in Denver has been the topic of controversy dating back to last season, when Tebow started the final three games. Many people, including media and fans, believe Tebow should not even be considered as an NFL quarterback. Everything from his throwing mechanics to footwork has been criticized. But one thing critics cannot take away is his desire to win, his dedication and his success as a leader.

People, open up your eyes. It’s Tim Tebow. God in Nikes.

In Florida, he was basically a living legend. Before leading the Florida Gators to two national championships and winning a Heisman Trophy, Tebow was a two-time Florida Player of the Year, a Parade All-American and won a state title.

He finished a high school game with a broken leg. Now that’s some real-life “Greg Jennings” Madden stuff right there. He put the team on his back with a broken leg!

Oh, and the kid was home-schooled. Tebow spent three summers in the Phillipinnes, helping out with his dad’s orphanage and missionary work. But you know what, you’re right. None of this means anything as a quarterback in the NFL.

What was I thinking? You don’t actually have to be a leader to be a signal caller for a professional football team. It’s not like anyone is looking up to you. It’s not like the offensive line needs to know you’re willing to play on a broken friggin’ leg to finish out a game. No, your teammates do their own thing, play how they want to play. It’s not like the quarterback is a point guard of the offense or anything.

Is this all registering, people?

The Denver Broncos are a lousy 1-4. Fans, for the most part, have been frustrated with their quarterback drama and team in general. This past Sunday, Tebow led the team to a near come-from-behind victory. He rushed for a touchdown, placed the ball perfectly in Brandon Lloyd’s hands for a 2-point conversion, only to have it dropped. The stadium was alive. The crowd was into it, and Tebow was fist pumping like the Situation.

The point is that Denver needs something. Not dogging on the guy, but Orton isn’t exactly a heartthrob, charismatic leader. Tebow has been successful at every level of football thus far. Along the way, every negative comment, every ounce of criticism has only made supporters like myself, ESPN’s outspoken analyst Skip Bayless and the thousands of others across the nation grin.

It’s about time a good guy gets his chance.

“They said I couldn’t be a high school quarterback, they said I couldn’t get a D-I scholarship,” Tebow recites in a popular television commercial. “You can’t make it, you’re not good enough, you’re not skilled enough. They said I couldn’t win a Heisman, they said I couldn’t win a national championship, they said I wouldn’t be a first round draft pick,” he goes on.

“They said I couldn’t play in the league. I appreciate that.”

Looks like we’re going to find out soon, huh?