Local band Eclyptic rocks the stage one last time

From left to right, Derik Kroeze, Danny Kolliner and Christopher Bohrer play on JBs stage for their farewell show. Photo by Matt Hafley.

From left to right, Derik Kroeze, Danny Kolliner and Christopher Bohrer play on JB’s stage for their farewell show. Photo by Matt Hafley.

When your story reaches its conclusion, make sure it’s on your terms. Hudson-based jam/alt/rock outfit Eclyptic took this message to heart and brought their eight-plus year musical career to a close Saturday, Oct. 8 at JB’s in downtown Kent.

As the band’s final official show, it was a farewell to fans, friends and all the little things that made the journey worth it. The night kicked off with original songs and covers from Eclyptic’s early days as a middle school garage band; the band’s original drummer Andy Hale swung the sticks during the first set.

Crowd favorites such as Eclyptic’s own hit “Flower Child” shook the cozy basement venue, while a stellar cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” (featuring the saxophone talents of musical guest Michael Incavo) was a true showstopper. Even though lead singer and rhythm guitarist Derik Kroeze seemed to momentarily forget the words to part of the intro, few present in the audience would say Eclyptic didn’t knock the cover out of the park.

Packed with dozens of devoted fans and new listeners alike, elbow room in the venue became scarce through the course of the first set. Stage lights flashed and smoke rolled over the dance floor as Eclyptic explored its roots. Eclyptic dusted off more than a few old chestnuts and played songs the band hasn’t played since eighth grade. Other musical guests came on and off the stage, including trumpeter Chris Gray, guitarist Tom Morrow and vocalist/percussionist Lynnette Morrow. This variety in lineup brought an impressive array of talent to the table and added real depth to the show.

After a brief intermission for fresh air, smokes and Yuengling, the crowd filled the floor once again as Eclyptic returned to the stage for its second set. This time, the band’s more recent drummer Micheal Factor took his seat behind the skins. The second set consisted of Eclyptic’s contemporary work, including the smash single “Running in Circles” and many other songs from the band’s various EPs and records. Gray, Incavo and the Morrows continued to occasionally join in and add their skills to the symphonic rock experience.

Not quite wall to wall but close to it, the swaying, swelling audience cheered and screamed at the closing of each song. Those who knew the words sang along. The music was intense and heartfelt; the room was alive with emotion. As if the past eight-and-a-half years had just been the first hill on a roller coaster, the Eclyptic family poured everything into the farewell show.

As lead guitarist/vocalist Christopher Bohrer’s guitar wailed along with the melody and bassist Danny Kolliner slapped out the beat, Kroeze shook the sweaty bangs out of his face and shouted out the lyrics to his final song: titled “The Beginning.”

“This is just the beginning,” Kroeze cried. “This is just the beginning.”

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