“The King’s Speech” is shown as final disAbility Awareness event

Caitlyn Callahan

Student Accessibility Services will close out disAbility Awareness Month with their final event, a showing of “The King’s Speech.” The movie will be shown at the Kiva Wednesday at 7 p.m.

“The King’s Speech” is about King George VI of England, who struggled with a speech impediment. He works with a therapist, and he must deal with and overcome his disability in order to master the speech necessary to lead his country.

Amy Quillin, associate director for SAS, said the primary focus for disAbility Awareness Month this year was on “invisible” disabilities or disabilities that aren’t visibly evident to others.

“‘The King’s Speech’ provides an example of an invisible disability, a speech impairment and how the character in the film has to deal with that impairment,” she said.

Quillin said students should go see the movie because “it’s a great movie with a great story.

“The movie does such a great job of causing you to see and feel how much this man struggles with his impediment, how it impacts his belief about himself and what he thinks he can/can’t do as a result of it, and lengths he goes to deal with this impediment knowing how it effects his role as king,” she said.


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Quillin said she thinks anyone who sees the movie will be encouraged by the story.

“For this one person and his unique experience, he was courageous in the face of fear, prejudice and self-doubt,” she said. “And eventually that courage allowed him to come to terms with his disability.”

The event is free and open to the public.

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