Former KSU student turns farm into corn maze

Max Secre

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Kingsway Pumpkin Farm

General admission — $3 per person

Corn maze — $3 per person

Hayrides — $2 per person after general admission price.

Location: 1555 Andrews St. in Hartville

A former Kent State student has taken her family’s farm and transformed it into a place of fall fun for families and students.

Mary King, an owner of Kingsway Pumpkin Farm, said the idea of turning her family’s farm into a pumpkin patch came to her in a dream one night when she was having trouble making ends meet.

“I saw myself pushing pumpkins over the back of trucks,” King said. “Before we started the pumpkin patch, we were struggling making the farm profitable. We started the whole thing from itty-bitty, bad-looking pumpkins.”

Kingsway is celebrating its 21st season this fall and is offering all sorts of things for all ages.

The main feature at Kingsway is the corn maze, which covers about 10 acres and measures about 700 feet by 450 feet.

“I measure out the whole thing,” King said. “People can find eggs in the corn maze, and there are also five nests each with a different color. Whoever brings back an egg or all five colors will receive a prize.”

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The maze this year has a barnyard theme and is incorporated into all the other activities at Kingsway. Some of the past years’ themes have been Cinderella, pharaoh’s tomb, a castle and gold rush. This year, King has added her personal touch to all of the artwork at the farm: All of the pumpkin paintings and photo stands are hand painted by her.

Angela Schwab, senior fashion design major, said going to the pumpkin patch reminded her of going to one with her family when she was little.

“This is the third year in a row all of our friends have gone together and had the best time,” Schwab said. “It’s fun getting lost for an hour or so, just goofing off and trying to figure the way out. I also enjoyed crawling through all the displays, taking pictures with friends and going to see the animals.”


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Kingsway also offers hay rides, a pumpkin patch, a couple stand that sell fair-style food and lemon shakes, a kids area for children to play and a petting zoo.

Farin Blackburn, junior visual communication design major, said the farm reminded her of being a kid again.

“The atmosphere at the pumpkin patch was nostalgic,” Blackburn said. “There were kids everywhere, and it had such a fun feeling … there were pumpkins lined up for you to choose from and it was fun choosing the one with the best face to carve.”

King said families come back all of the time.

“People who came when they were children 20 years ago now bring their children,” King said. “We’ve brought happiness to many kids, and everyone should definitely bring their camera. People constantly tell me not to quit doing it because it’s become a family tradition.”

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