Board of Trustees asked to increase globalization

Kassandra Meholick

President Lefton asked Kent State University Board of Trustees members

to consider advancing the international program and increasing

globalization at KSU. The monthly meeting took place in the Urban

conference room on campus.

President Lefton was unable to attend in person as he was in

California with family celebrating the birth of his grandchild. He

instead addressed the board in a previously recorded video message.

Lefton proposed the possibility of every undergraduate student having

an international experience by 2021. He said this will take a strong

commitment from faculty and must become part of the curriculum.

Some of his ideas included short-term study abroad programs lasting 3

weeks or taking place over winter break. He also expressed the need

for an international village community on campus where foreign

students will room with American students.

Kent State welcomed 166 new international students this fall, adding

to the 1800 total international students enrolled. Provost Robert

Frank said he believes this makes KSU one of the top 50 universities

in the country for global education. China and Saudi Arabia have the

largest number of students attending with 764 and 279, respectively.

“We are everywhere you want to be,” Lefton joked about the

international program.

After the president’s address, the board continued the meeting,

approving agenda items. Renovations were approved for the MACC masonry

and windows, Summit Street Power Plant Cooling Towers, Turbine and

Student Center Envelope.

A renewable energy project involving the addition of solar panels on

the roof of the field house was also approved.

KSU faced a $13 million budget cut for 2012. The budget was passed

today with increases in student fees and tuition making up for most of

the budget cuts. A 1 percent pay raise is slated for union and

non-union faculty.

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