Five things you missed over the summer

Kassandra Meholick

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There are some things you may have missed while you were away from Kent this summer.

Buying textbooks and Kent State apparel from Dubois Bookstore is no longer an option as it closed its doors forever on June 28 after 75 years.

The Robin Hood, a Kent landmark since the 1930s is missing. The building was demolished on the morning of May 12.

It is undetermined what, if anything, will replace Dubois and the Robin Hood.

Pepsi has replaced Coke as the official beverage of Kent State. The university decided to forgo renewing a 10-year Coke contract and opted to sign a 5-year contract with Pepsi.

KSU would normally be accepting applications for enrollment through this week. However, this year, due to a record number of applications, acceptance was halted June 22.

The residence halls are once again filled to capacity. Due to the record number of incoming freshmen, sophomores with 45-59 credit hours were given the option to live off campus.