“Rider Rumble” race to raise money for Kent Fire Police and Fire Fighter Association

Kelly Tunney

Corporate Motivation Inc. is sponsoring the “Rider Rumble,” a 5k run at Larry’s Stables Saturday, Sept. 17 to benefit the Kent Police and Fire Fighter Association.

Corporate Motivation is a business service company in Kent that blends philanthropy with performance improvement.

Matt Campana, owner of Corporate Motivation, said the race is designed after the warrior dash, a mud-based run that challenges competitors. Campana said the Rider Rumble will be altered to include obstacles for the event.

“The obstacles will range from climbing over hay bales and log tiles to shooting under tarps with sand,” he said, “and a fog type area with logs that they have to negotiate their way through, as well as a swim option.”

The event runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with heats every hour. The cost to participate is $50 for an individual, $35 for a student, $35 each for a team of two and $30 each for a team of two students. Participants can sign up at the event or online at http://www.corporatemotivation.net.

Campana said food, music, and entertainment will be provided the entire day, with a screening of the Ohio State University versus Miami University game at night.

“It’s a family friendly event.” He said. “We will be timing the races, but it’s really secondary to just getting out and getting moving and trying something different and having a good time.”