Celebrity Crushes

Karen Holcomb

Everyone is searching for that special someone to spend his or her life with. For some that search takes longer than expected. In the meantime one can always dwell on imagination. We have an idea of what our perfect mate would be like, and most of us get that idea from celebrities. We wish that one celebrity we can’t get enough of would magically appear and sweep us off our feet. Even though there may not be a personal relationship with the celebrity, most can say that their celebrity crush is hot.

Kelsey Ferguson

Sophomore nursing major

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney

“I love everything he’s in. He’s very charismatic.”

Greg Divito

Senior electronic media production major

Celebrity Crush: Hayley Atwell

“I had never seen her until ‘Captain America.’ She’s good.”

Dave Goldshtein

Junior political science major

Celebrity Crush: Milla Jovovich

“She’s awesome and Russian and Jewish.”

John Kleem

Junior nutrition and food major

Celebrity Crush: Faye Reagan

“Why not? She’s everything.”

Jenna Leden

Freshman nursing major

Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling

“He’s adorable in all the movies he’s in.”

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