Analyzing the true cost of a college education


Graphic by Rachael Chillcott.

Maura Zurick

The price tag attached to the cost of college can be a daunting task.

Anthony DiPadova, junior computer information systems major, said he estimates that college will cost him more than $100,000.

“I spend about $20,000 a year just to go to Kent State,” DiPadova said. “That includes tuition, books, housing and school stuff. But on top of that 20 grand, I’m spending $4,000 a year.”

DiPadova said he spends the additional $4,000 on other expenses like going out to eat, going out with friends, going to the movies and other fun things.

“I don’t have any scholarships, but I do have a job on campus as a desktop support technician that provides me with spending money every two weeks,” he said.

Brittany Mohler, freshman psychology major, said she had to get a part-time job at Kohl’s to help pay off her yearly college costs.

“I really have no idea how I’ll pay this all off when I graduate,” she said. “It will literally take me years and years.”

Mohler said her additional cost of living expenses are about $2,000 a semester.

“I’d say that I spend at least $300 a month on bills and necessities like food, laundry and cleaning supplies,” she said. “I don’t have the means to do all that I want with friends because of how much I owe with school and such. It adds a lot of stress in my life.”

Mohler said she has no idea what her overall debt will be after four years, but she hopes it will all be worth it.

DiPadova said it will take him a while to pay his debt off, but he expects to make a good salary once he gets his degree. He said he plans to pay off his interest on his loans so he doesn’t lose more money.

The cost of attending college is pretty scary, but overall I feel like it is worth it to get a degree, however the amount of money that it takes to get one is absurd,” DiPadova said. “It’s worth it because I’ll get to be doing the kind of work I want to do and I’ll be making good money.”


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