Ceramic artist David Furman comes to Kent State

Brittany Nader

Traveling to Kent for the first time, Californian ceramics artist David Furman will give presentations on Peruvian art, his experiences studying abroad as an artist and his own work.

The first presentation was held Monday and the second will be held at 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the Art Building’s Room 202.

Furman’s initial presentation will cover the artwork he completed over the past 40 years.

“I’ll show a lively and provocative presentation of a selection of artwork I have done,” Furman said. “(That’s) the tip of the iceberg.”

Tuesday, Furman will discuss the Moche, a culture on the North Coast of Peru. Furman said the Moche pottery has influenced his own ceramic work.

“I’m very familiar with the subject,” Furman said. “I’ve probably spent three or so years of my life in Peru. It relates to my own passions.”

Furman taught for 35 years at Claremont Colleges in California and received a master’s of fine art and honorary Ph.D from The Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Lima, Peru.

“I make art about ideas I have that are influenced by my perceptions of the world around me,” Furman said. “I always begin with an idea that has been provoking me. I look forward to where I will take it and where it will take me.”

Furman said this is his first visit to Kent State. He said he would also discuss the grants he received from the Fulbright Scholar Program, an academic program that sends professors and students overseas.

“(By studying overseas) students can gain perspective of the world around them (that’s) not readily accessible at home and insight into culture distinct from one’s own,” Furman said.

Furman said he would also visit ceramics classes and offer advice to students interested in creating art. He said he hopes students will gain a new perspective on the art field through his presentations.

“Art, like any discipline, is very hard work. To excel one needs commitment, passion and unbending intent,” Furman said. “I hope the images and ideas put forth with give the attendees food for thought.”

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