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A month has passed. You’ve figured out your class schedule…finally settling into the semester. But still, you’re restless. You may have gone to Blast off the first weekend back but haven’t been able to find that perfect group you fit in with. A group that has the same passion, same interests, same values as you do…

The past few weeks new organizations around campus have been scrambling to turn in applications to the Center for Student Involvement to become an official organization on campus.

Here are a few of these groups:

  • Dead Philosophers Society of Kent State University:
  • Philosophy: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Philosophy of Language…of science…of mind. Religion. Ethics. Morality. Justice. Law.

    Why join: Any of these topics interest you? Meetings are held twice a month and rotate between group discussions and presentations given by Kent State philosophy professors. You can find more information on their Facebook page.

  • Gay Rights Revolutionaries:
  • GRR for short, this organization came together in March to promote LGBTQ activism and political/social awareness.

    Why join: This semester they are becoming active on campus as well as in the community. They hope to visit high schools in the area to talk to kids about LGBTQ bullying and to promote equality and acceptance for everyone. It’s not an exclusive LGBTQ club: at least 1/3 of their members are supporters who are interested in politics, equality, and social justice. They’ve turned in their application and are waiting to hear if they’re an official group on campus. Check out their Facebook page “GRR at KSU” for more information.

  • KSU Knitting for Those in Need (KTN):
  • This group formed last Spring and has become an official new student organization on campus. The goal of the organization is to help people on campus and in the city of Kent. They are also interested in providing Ravenna’s King-Kennedy area with needed warm items such as hats and scarves. They hope to serve the local homeless shelters, social service organizations, public schools, Allerton Apartments, International Service and others that need warm items.

    “We are interested in keeping people warm and giving them the encouragement of knowing that people are thinking about them, and care about them through actively investing ourselves in knitting them a gift of love,” KTN President Diane Baldridge said.

    Why join: Do you have experience in knitting or want to learn how?

    “Learning knitting not only gives you a way to help others but is a valuable lifelong skill,” Baldridge said. “It is fun and you meet caring people who are willing to take the time and effort to learn a skill to serve others.”

    Contact Diane Baldridge at [email protected] to learn more about this organization.

  • Kent State Study Abroad Students’ Association:
  • Formed at the beginning of this semester, and recently an official group on campus, SASA aims to connect the past, present and future study abroad students from Kent State.

    Why join: SASA is a firsthand resource for information about studying abroad from students who have been through it themselves. It’s also a great way to process and reflect with other students. You may have been to different countries and had different experiences, but coming back on campus after traveling abroad you’ll find just how valuable talking to students in this group can be. You can find more information on their Facebook page “Kent State University Study Abroad Student Association (SASA).”

Click here for a list of the approved student organizations on campus.

Maybe one of these groups is exactly what you need to fill in that downtime in the evenings?

Or maybe you’d like to register your own group as a student organization on campus? You have until October 7 to turn in an application! Click here for the registration form.

Comment below and tell us what organizations you are involved in.

Contact Chloe Makarick at [email protected].