Corporate Motivation blends business with philanthropy

Kelly Tunney

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Corporate Motivation Inc. sponsored the “Rider Rumble” race at Larry’s Stables in Kent Saturday to benefit the Kent Police and Fire Fighters Association.

The event included a three-mile race with various obstacles such as dirt hills and netted “spider web” barriers, as well as a lake to swim through or run around, said Matt Campana, owner of Corporate Motivation.

Campana, said the event was centered on coming together as a community for charity.

“The overall message is really to get out and get active and give back to the community,” he said.

Kaley Miller, sophomore early childhood education major and race participant, said it was great that Saturday’s event benefited the Kent Police and Fire Fighters Association.

“It’s not just a race that you go out and have fun, you are giving back to somebody as well as having fun while doing it,” she said.

Campana said he started Corporate Motivation in 2006 to blend philanthropy with performance improvement in the workplace.

“I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and worked for a training and development firm, and we did adventure-based programs for corporate retreats,” he said. “I noticed an opportunity with these companies that spend lots of money on retreats to give back to the community.”

Damon Lewis, business development manager of Corporate Motivation, said the businesses they work with no longer have the capability to organize retreats.

“With the amount of downsizing, the Human Resources manager doesn’t have the time to do these sort of things, and they’ve eliminated them,” he said.

Lewis said when the company partners with a business to organize an event a charity is always involved.

“We don’t do an event unless it’s tied to a charity.” Lewis said. “So from the altruistic idea, trying to do better for the community is really part of what we’re trying to do.”

Lewis said the company is planning to use Larry’s Stables, owned by his father-in-law Larry Hannum, to hold events in the Kent area in the future.

“A mixed-use facility is really what we’re trying to do, with a ropes course, more of an adventure trail.” Lewis said. “You know, a place to bring the kids, a nice, safe environment.”

Julie Rubin, 38 from Twin Lakes, said she is thankful that the company has decided to organize more local events.

“I think this is nice for the community,” Rubin said. “I’m glad Matt has this going here in Kent because I think hopefully more people will hear about it in the future and come out.”

Lewis said Corporate Motivation plans to use the nearly 200-acre facility to team up with the Kent community and even Kent State University in the future.

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