Top Ten Worst Pet Names

Shannen Laur

Pet names are annoying unless those terms of endearment are toward you. Still, we have all come across some pretty horrid names. Here are the top ten worst pet names that Kent State has heard:

10) “There was a girl in high school who called her boyfriend junior. That’s so mom-ish,” Lanson Beall, sophomore, Tuba Performance

9) “I heard someone call their boyfriend chipmunk once. I wanted to kill her,” Andrew Baker, sophomore, News Journalism

8) “My friend calls her boyfriend babycakes. You think it’s sweet, but it’s childish,” Grace Jelinek, sophomore, Photojournalism

7) “Anything food related, like cupcake or pumpkin. You eat cupcakes; do not call me that,” Carmen Barbuto, sophomore, Public Relations

6) “My friend calls her boyfriend boo lover over Facebook. That’s too much for the public eye to see,” Danielle McNally, freshman, News Journalism

5) “Sweetie, honey, darling, anything like that. It sounds like something my parents would call each other,” Katie Power, sophomore, Art Education

4) “Any minimizing name to the male genitalia. As in little…” Nick Catalano, sophomore, Deaf Education

3)”Poochie. It makes me think of dirty things,” Tony Westbrook, sophomore, Fashion Merchandising

2) “I’ve been called marshmallow sunshine. It kind of makes me throw up in my mouth,” Jeff Childers, junior, Political Science

1) “My friend’s boyfriend calls her wifey. What does that even mean? Are you married or something?” Angela Dreucci, freshman, Exploratory

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