Truck hits two telephone poles on Route 43

A tan Chevy truck hit two poles on Wednesday at the intersection of Route 43 and Sylvan Drive. Photo by Leighann McGivern.

A car struck two telephone poles along Route 43 S near the Sylvan Drive intersection Wednesday evening.

Ohio State Trooper Sgt. Don Dunbar said the driver was trying to swat a bee that flew into the car when he went off the road.

Lt. William Myers of the Kent Fire Department said the tan Chevrolet 1500 then hit two poles on the right side of the road.

The bottom half of one of the poles was split, but all wires were up and connected. The car, which blocked one lane of Sylvan Drive, had damage to the front right side, including a flat tire.

The driver sustained a small cut on his hand, and no other cars were involved.

-Rachel Jones