Smarter than a tabloid?

Natalie Moses

Somewhere between making the heartbreaking choice of which starlet wore the belt better and proving that celebrities are just like us because they also go to the grocery store, the tabloids have made us dumb. After all, who wants to read about depressing matters such as the constant downfall of the economy when you can catch up on the latest Brangelina gossip?

As a result, to be considered part of the well informed public you have to know things like what’s going on with “American Idol” and Ryan Reynolds’ relationship status- all while trying to keep up with those crazy Kardashians. If you can do that, then you’re in the loop and it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know what on Earth a Gadhafi is.

To see how on the ball Kent students are, the Daily Kent Stater asked around and found that the situation isn’t as bad as one would think. For the most part, Kent is smarter than the average tabloid — but here are some of the more interesting answers people came up with. Some of them might seem easily laughable, but ask yourself this: When you’re the one under pressure, will you be smarter than a tabloid?

Haley Mackiewicz

freshman speech pathology major

Before the question was even finished, Haley blurted out the entire cast of the “Jersey Shore,” their nicknames, and updates on each character. But the state of New Jersey remains a mystery to her.

What’s the capital of New Jersey?

Umm… Seaside? I don’t know. I haven’t had that since like seventh grade!

She could also name all four Ninja Turtles including Michelangelo—named after the famed artist responsible for the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel. But Haley was pretty sure it was another guy.

Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?

Pablo Picasso.

Erika Ciesielski freshman fashion merchandising major

Erika was a champ when asked what NKOTBSB means, knowing right away that it’s the acronym for the New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys tour. But when it comes to taxes, there’s room for improvement.

What does IRS stand for?

Intelligent Resource Service

Adam Curtan freshman integrated social studies major

Congrats to Adam for knowing that Hilary Rodham Clinton is the current Secretary of State because no one else was able to name her position. Because of that, it’s OK that he is a little less informed about Hilary Duff.

What actress became famous from starring in “Lizzie McGuire”?

Roberts, right? Is it Emma Roberts? Oh, “Lizzie McGuire”… Yeah it’s Julia Roberts.

Matt Burton, freshman zoology major

Matt was surprisingly the only one who could tell the Kardashian name was originally in the spotlight because their late father Robert was a lawyer on OJ Simpson’s defense team. Though he didn’t hesitate when asked to name the sisters, he wasn’t exactly correct.

What are the names of the three Kardashian sisters?

Kim, Kelly and Erin.

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