Kent State student becomes an extra in “The Avengers”


Michael A. Brahler, junior psychology major, with his 2005 Volvo s60 was chosen to appear as an extra in the upcoming Avengers film being shot in Cleveland. For his part, he drove around a section of Cleveland that had been mocked-up to look like New York City for a few hours. “It still blows my mind,” said Brahler, who fears that his small part will wind up on the cutting room floor.. Photo by SAM VERBULECZ.

Audrey Fletcher

The recent filming of several movies, including “The Avengers,” in Cleveland has brought Hollywood fantasies within reach of Kent State students. Michael Brahler, junior psychology major at Kent State Stark attended the open casting calls held July 15 and 16 at a Holiday Inn in Independence.

Top Three tips to being an Extra

Look around for movies filming in your area and keep your eye out for ones that need extras.

Check if any cities near you are considered “hot places” for filming.

Show up, and do what they tell you. If they like you, they like you.

“All we did was go inside the hotel, fill out an application with our clothing measurements, acting experience and a few other odds and ends. We then had our pictures taken and attached to the application,” Brahler said. “That was that.”

Brahler then received a callback and was asked to arrive on the corner of Prospect and East 14th St. for the shoot. However, it was Brahler’s car, a 2005 Volvo S60 t6, that would be used for a fight scene on the streets of New York City.

“They had us position our cars on the street and then they took overhead photos using a cherry picker,” Brahler said.

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