Departments co-host international student reception

Nathan Christofaris

The University Libraries and Office of Global Education partnered to host a reception for international students Friday that attracted more than 200 students and their families.

James Bracken, Dean of University Libraries, kicked off the event with a short speech as students ate free food and refreshments.

“Food is the international symbol of hospitality,” Bracken said.

The international students’ reception brought together students of all types to a place where they could meet and talk about their experiences.

Bracken said that he wants students to know that this is their library, and they are always welcome.

“Our goal is to make you feel like the library is your home away from home,” Bracken said. “…You could live in the library if you wanted, but don’t do that.”

Shazia Nasir of India said that she feels very comfortable at Kent State. Nasir is studying to get her master’s degree in English and brought her two children with her.

Nasir said that one of the reasons she chose Kent State is the small city atmosphere.

“When I went on the site and was contacting people, talking to them, everybody was so friendly,” Nasir said. “People were very helpful. Whatever question I had, I would get an answer.”

Nasir said she hasn’t met many others from India, but she still feels welcome.

“I was thinking I’d see people from my country and that would make me feel more at home, but I have hardly been able to meet Indians,” Nasir said. “I’ve met mostly Americans, and they have made me feel really comfortable.”

Nasir said the international students reception allowed her to meet many friends and connect with people.

Pius Ochwo of Uganda is studying to get his Ph. D. in evaluation and measurement.

“One thing that I find really amazing is the fact that over here, the faculty members are very willing to help out the students,” Ochwo said.

Ochwo said he first heard of Kent State from an official at the U.S. embassy in Uganda, who was a former Kent State student.

“He talked so well about Kent State,” Ochwo said. “Everything was true.”

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