Students seek on-campus employment

Amber Blakely, senior speech pathology major, checked-in some books on Tuesday, Aug. 30th at the library. Photo by Sam Verbulecz.

Kelly Tunney

Searching for an on-campus job may require more than a visit to the Experience Job and Internship Board, Career Services’ web posting platform for on-campus jobs. Ami Hollis, associate director of Career Services, said an in-person visit to a department could yield better results.

Hollis said it’s not uncommon for departments to refrain from posting open positions for student workers.  

Five steps to getting a job

1. Register on the Experience Job and Internship Board at

2. Use the student and alumni login and enter Flashline account information.

3. Create an account and fill out some demographic and academic information.

4. Click on the one-click search for on-campus student jobs, which will bring up all available jobs.

5. Upload a resume and apply for jobs.

“There are a number of departments that have enough in-person and foot traffic that they get students to come in and inquire about open positions,” she said. “So they don’t need to post because they are continually getting applications.”

One department that typically has positions available is the Kent State PhoneCenter. As of Tuesday, Aug. 30, there were 20 open positions for Student Callers.

Albert Melfo, director of annual giving at the Kent State PhoneCenter, said the phonecenter uses student workers to reach out to alumni and friends inviting them to financially support Kent State.

“The entire phonecenter is staffed by current, undergraduate, Kent State students who we hire, and we train to make these phone calls,” he said.

However, having a student job is not for everyone. Melfo said students should decide before they apply if they are able to manage working a job while going to school.

“Make sure you are able to handle the commitment to additional time not spent studying and still be able to achieve your educational goals,” he said, “because it’s a lot of work.”

Fortunately, Kent State offers many on-campus job opportunities for students, and Hollis said the Career Services Center is available to help those who wish to earn some cash.

She said students should consider applying for on-campus jobs through Career Services because of convenience.

“I think that supervisors are very willing to work with students and their class schedule.” Hollis said. “It’s so great to be able to go to class and then walk five minutes and clock in to your job.”

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