A bucket list of things to do at Kent State

SKS staff

Kent State, like any university, has its fair share of traditions. Here are some tried and true KSU traditions to participate in to make the most of your college years here.

Attend FlashFest

Every year, Undergraduate Student Government puts out this free outdoor concert for students in Manchester Field. Last spring, Bruno Mars and Another Kind of Buffalo headlined the event.

Have a snowball fight in Manchester Field

Paint the rock on front campus

Attend Blastoff

Check out what student organizations KSU has to offer. This event, held at the Kent State track, gives students an opportunity to check out different clubs and groups, listen to live music and ride hot air balloons.

Attend a comedy show at the Rathskeller

Go sledding down the hill by Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall has by far the best hill on campus for sledding. Don’t have a sled? Use a dining hall tray or a trash bag. Just be sure to wear boots; otherwise, you’ll never make it back up the hill.

Climb the rock wall at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Walk in Relay for Life

Tour the fashion museum

Join a broomball team

A bunch of college students running around with broomsticks trying to hit a ball into an opposing team’s net – what could be better? Oh, by the way, the students are wearing rubber-soled shoes and the playing surface is ice.

Touch “The Brain”

See the bullet hole in the Don Drumm sculpture

Spin the wheel at Ray’s Place on your 21st birthday

Eat lunch by the river

Rent a kayak and ride the Cuyahoga

Sing karaoke at the Brewhouse

From Madonna to Vanilla Ice, Thursdays at Kent’s only remaining 18-and-up bar is the best night to have fun and show off your vocal skills with friends.

See the train at the Pufferbelly

Order Rosie’s at 2 a.m.

Attend the Kent State versus Akron football game

If you don’t know about this rivalry yet, study up! The Golden Flashes have been enemies with the Zips since the dawn of man — OK, maybe not that long. The two teams battle it out for the coveted Wagon Wheel trophy. Home or away, attend this matchup, and wear face paint or sing the fight song, or it doesn’t count.

Attend a May 4 ceremony

Watch a Dive-In movie

Attend a Sextoberfest drag show

Bring your younger brother or sister to campus for Little Sibs Weekend

Pull an all-nighter at the University Library

Studying for midterms or finals? Grab some of your friends and spend the night at the library, open 24 hours. You’ll be brimming with studious pride by 4 a.m.

Go to a homecoming parade

Put on your craziest costume and walk downtown for Halloween

Whether you plan to, ahem, celebrate or just people-watch, downtown Kent comes alive for Halloween. The bigger your costume, the better. Word of warning: The men dressed in SWAT outfits aren’t in costume.

Make t-shirts for CollegeFest

Every spring when the weather gets warm, residents of College Avenue open their doors for CollegeFest.

Fraternities, sororities and groups of friends make t-shirts to wear to the event. Going solo? You’ll be sure to make some fast friends on this Kent State holiday.

To find more items to add to your bucket list, visit the Alumni Relations website.

Alumni Relations office and Nathan Cristofaris contributed to this article.