Ohio weather shows no mercy: be prepared

SKS staff

Most people are aware of Ohio’s unpredictable weather. It can be sunny and 80 degrees one minute and start raining gumballs the next. For this reason, freshmen will need to keep a few clothing items in mind for the upcoming semesters.


Scarves: Not just a fun accessory, scarves are a great way to add warmth to your wardrobe without overheating when the colder weather starts to arrive.

Light Jacket: Any Kent Stater familiar with the term “lake effect” weather could tell you the temperature can change rapidly in Kent. Layers are important. Make sure you bring a jacket with you to class even on hot days; not only are some buildings like air conditioned igloos this time of year, but the weather can change during that 90-minute lecture.


Warm Coat: Those of you thinking you’ll make it through a northeast Ohio winter with just a North Face fleece, think again. Campus gets really windy and cold in the winter. You’ll want a good winter coat that will block the wind and keep you dry during the “wintry mix” weather days.

Boots: Word of advice: UGGs don’t count. This campus can get very icy and slushy in the wintertime. UGGs offer little to no traction and could leave you bruised or broken from slipping during your trek to class. You’ll want to get a pair of sturdy winter boots that will keep you upright and your feet dry. Don’t worry about looking cool; everyone else will be wearing winter boots, too.

Gloves: The hands in the pocket method will work for five minutes…after that you might lose some fingers. Be sure to pack a couple pairs of gloves in your bag so you’ll actually be able to hold your pen once you get to class. Frostbite claw won’t get you an A.

Sunglasses: OK, they’re technically a summer accessory, but your retinas will be aching for sunglasses after the first sunny day with snow on the ground. Do yourself a favor and avoid campus snow-blindness.


Rain Boots: The time will come when it starts getting warm and you’ll want to ditch the snow boots for good. When that happens, don’t overestimate the amount of melting that’s sure to happen on campus. Grab a pair of Wellingtons for that walk to class; your feet will thank you.

Umbrella: Yes, sometimes a jacket hood does the trick; but for those days when it seems to rain sideways, you’ll want a sturdy umbrella that will keep you dry. The drowned rat look has yet to take off on Kent’s campus.

Olivia Arnette contributed to this article.