Destination Kent State completes summer schedule

SKS staff

The Destination Kent State program wrapped up its regular summer schedule July 16.

Students and families toured the campus throughout June and July, participating in a day-and-half-long program designed to help students with advising and class placement.

“I think we put together a good day and a half where they could get together with students and faculty,” said Andrew Crawford, assistant director of Student Success Programs. “A good start for their journey through Kent State before they come to welcome weekend in August.”

Crawford said Student Success Programs has created a first year, family network Facebook page where families can connect and ask questions, but not much else has changed about the program over the years.

“We try to get (students) to connect with as many students as possible,” Crawford said. “There are minor changes that you make, that we try to do to improve the program each year, but I think it was successful.”

For students and families who missed the June and July Destination Kent State dates, there will be two additional dates August 19 and 23.

“We just hear from our current student leaders that (students and families) are having a great time and a good experience,” Crawford said.

— SKS Staff