‘Building Fashion’ raises money for Habitat for Humanity

Sarah Husbands

As the people take their seats around the runway, talk of bubble wrap, duct tape, and nails fill the room, for this is unlike any other fashion show. Habitat for Humanity presented its “Building Fashion” show this past Saturday, and it did not disappoint.

When applying to this event, which was put together by fashion design and merchandising majors, each designer was asked to gather materials to create an outfit with usage of construction materials, promoting the on-campus Habitat for Humanity organization.

“A lot of people really enjoy this fundraiser, and it’s a great idea to partner up with fashion students while still raising awareness for our cause”, said Ryan Carr, co-president of Kent State Habitat for Humanity and junior aeronautical major.

The designers each put their own spin on what their view of construction is. First place winner Katelyn McClain, junior fashion design major, wowed the audience with her outfit. McClain’s model strutted a picture frame necklace, a brown Habitat for Humanity T-shirt and a skirt made entirely from one of her father’s paint tarps with a paintbrush attached to the left side.

“I knew right away that I wanted to use a canvas tarp,” McClain said. “Once I saw it, everything began to fall into place.”

Sophomore fashion design major Brittney Harrold used metal washers to create the entire back of her top, adding a construction helmet with purple details to pull the entire outfit together.

“Your creativeness is put to the test for this show, for it mixes fashion with new materials that I don’t generally use,” said Kara Cronley, sophomore fashion design major. “Everyone’s hard work paid off because all the garments look incredible.”

With 21 talented designers in the show, some with multiple designs, there was never a dull moment on the runway. Design materials ranged from skirts made out of switch plates to red caution-taped backless halter tops.

First, second and third place prizes went to Katelyn McClain; junior fashion design major Abigail Roos; and sophomore fashion design major Corinne Brothers, who were each chosen by a panel of four judges.

“We just wanted everyone to have a good time and have a lot of fun while we raise a good amount of money for Habitat for Humanity,” said Jackson McGreevy, co-president of Kent State Habitat for Humanity and junior aeronautical major.

For $5, students and friends experienced this high quality fashion show, and the proceedings were donated to raise awareness for the homeless in Portage County.

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