Police tips to staying safe on College Fest

Maura Zurick

Campus police don’t anticipate problems for College Fest, but said they each shift will be at full staff of patrolling officers.

Michquel Penn, the community resource officer at the Kent State University Police Department, said more officers will be present on campus to ensure the safety of students. Penn said campus police anticipate students gathering for end of the year celebrations.

“Officers will be there to make sure students are safe, whether they are returning to campus from downtown parties or choosing to stay on campus to prepare for finals,” Penn said.

Penn said the KSUPD does share a mutual aid agreement with the Kent City Police Department. She said if the Kent City Police Department requests the KSUPD’s assistance for any off campus event, available KSUPD officers are granted authorization and will respond to any location.

“As always, students need to remember that the same laws as usual apply,” Penn said. “Offenses like public intoxication, underage drinking and open containers are still punishable by law. We want students to have a great last weekend of the semester but encourage them to do so safely and responsibly.”

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