Movies to celebrate Earth Day

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MCT Campus.

Adrienne Savoldi

Movies and films have been a powerful medium in assisting with change of all kinds, including the save-the-Earth stories. Here are some “green” movies to watch for Earth Day, or any other day, in no particular order:

“Avatar” (2009):

The popular James Cameron film detailed the story of former Marine Jake Sully, who finds himself on the planet Pandora. The humans and the Pandora natives engage in a battle over resources and control.

Earth Days (2009):

This PBS documentary directed by Robert Stone emphasized the environmental movement in the United States. The documentary also highlighted people who have been influential in the movement, such as Jimmy Carter and Denis Hayes, who coordinated the first Earth Day.

WALL-E (2008):

This movie tells the story of an adorable little robot who discovers that he has found the way to restore planet Earth, which has long been unsuitable for humans to live on.

Happy Feet (2006):

This cute penguin movie also carried another message. The penguins fear Mumble’s tap dancing is angering their deity, thus their fish supply is depleting. Mumble, like the true hero he is, sets out in search of the humans to explain the penguins’ plight.

Hoot (2006):

Several may know this movie by the book that inspired the film. The characters in the story are caught between a dilemma: develop the site to put in a new restaurant or save the burrowing owls that live there?

Over the Hedge (2006):

If you don’t love Hammy the talking squirrel, then you have no heart. In all seriousness, this movie commented on urban sprawl and the negative effects it has on the environment.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004):

Paleoclimatologist Jack Hall could never have guessed that when he discovered a huge ice sheet sheared off, that it actually meant trouble for all of humankind. The world is headed for another ice age.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002):

This film shows the kidnapping of a wild horse who finds himself involved as a draft-horse in a railroad project that could threaten everything he knows and loves.

Free Willy (1993):

Willy, a young orca, is separated from his parents only to become a prisoner in a marina. Then a young boy is able to teach him tricks, which the trainer could not. The marina owner has some plans for Willy, which Jesse must thwart.

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992):

The inhabitants of the rainforest FernGully have been quite content, at least until a bat named Batty arrives and informs them that he has seen humans, which up until then had only been myths. Then the humans begin destroying the rainforest that the fairies call home.

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