Dog slayer vs. the Dawg Pound



Michael Moses

It’s funny to say, but a simple photo shoot could do the trick.

Hillis is, by no means, a scrub.

He’s an absolute beast and worthy of the cover. In 2010, he rushed for 1,177 yards at 4.4 yards per carry, reaching the end zone 11 times.

His stats are definitely respectable. But it’s even more remarkable with how he’s gaining those yards. He’s a bulldozer mixed with a ballerina. Hillis would make acrobatic, sideline catches, run over everyone in sight and even hurdle defensive backs.

Hillis is such a rare breed that the Denver Broncos shipped him off as an afterthought.

Surely now they’re kicking themselves.

Some people argue that Vick should be the player on Madden 2011.

I couldn’t disagree more.

You don’t put a player that has already been on the cover (2004) back on the same game, nor do you let a dog slayer beat out a member of the dog pound.

Vick’s comeback was remarkable. He is a much better quarterback than he was in 2004.

But something just isn’t right about him being the face of the NFL so soon.

In a couple years, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Right now? It just seems too soon.

Haters argue that putting a Brownie on the cover will hurt sales for EA Sports and the Madden line.

My question is this: Don’t you think it would be worse if Vick were on the cover? Couldn’t you see PETA bashing EA Sports?

“Cleveland deserves better. Cleveland deserves the cover.”

Dog lovers across the world would be way more upset if Vick goes on the cover than a few anti-Browns fans would be if Hillis did.

And, let’s be real, are there even any anti-Browns fans around anymore? There’s no reason to hate on a losing team.

Cleveland deserves better. Cleveland deserves the cover.

Michael Vick has had his fame dating all the way back to his days at Virginia Tech. Peyton Hillis was the third most-famous running back to come out of his school (Darren McFadden, Felix Jones and Hillis all attended Arkansas). Fans need to realize who deserves this more.

Hell, LeBron hasn’t even been on the cover of a video game.

So go do the right thing.

Vote Hillis, Madden 2011.