TV2 uses iPhone for broadcasts

Taylor Titus

TV2, Kent State’s student-run television station, is using an iPhone as a way to do live reporting for its nightly newscasts.

“Most major TV stations have to use a satellite truck to get live shots,” said Nathan Edwards, general manager for TV2. “We have the capability to do live shots in the palm of our hand.”

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication purchased the iPhone for TV2 earlier this semester after a suggestion from a professor. TV2 pays for the monthly cost of the phone.

“It helps us diversify our newscast,” Edwards said. “Instead of reporting news from the station, we can go out and report the news.”

The station uses the iPhone like a video camera. There is a tripod that goes with it, and the crew sets up the shot as if it was a regular video camera.

The station uses the Skype app on the iPhone to connect with a computer in the master control room, which then Skypes with the iPhone to get the shot.

The iPhone allows TV2 to have live shots very cheaply from anywhere and allows it to be more timely with events, said Rich Pierce, TV2 news director.

“It makes us look more legitimate as a TV station,” Pierce said.

Megan Shaw, TV2 co-anchor and reporter, has used the iPhone in one of her recent stories about the fake IDs.

“The only live shots we’ve done before the iPhone is just outside of Franklin Hall because the camera doesn’t have to go that far, and it’s only been weather,” Shaw said. “This is a good option for reporters to have.”

TV2 has sent reporters out to do the live shots at the bars for St. Patrick’s Day and at Crain Avenue after the accident.

TV2 will continue to use the iPhone as a way to do live shots for their newscasts, which is not done by many TV stations. They have also used Skype as a way to have people on their shows that couldn’t actually be there.

“As technology progresses, we’ll advance with it,” Pierce said. “It is a tool we haven’t figured out how to utilize all of the capabilities of yet. We’re going to continue to use it everyday, providing we can find good ways to use it.”

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