Imagineers host second gamefest

Bre Vozar

On Friday night, screams of defeat and triumph were heard throughout Van Deusen Hall. The source was Gamefest, a video game competition hosted by the Kent State Imagineers.

Students had the opportunity to join animation majors in playing video games, while competing for prizes. About 20 separate gaming competitions took place.

Sophomore technology major and Kent State Imagineer member Matt Van Nostran won two out of the six gaming competitions he entered. Guitar Hero and Marvel vs. Kapcom were the games he won. Nick Trussalo won the SSX Tricky tournament.

Participants didn’t look up when someone new came into the room as their eyes stayed glued to the game they were playing at the moment. Chairs legs roughly hit the floor as the gamers anxiously jumped around with the suspense of the game.

“We love games, we love movies. If you enjoy them too, come out here and have a really kick-ass time,” Van Nostran said. “It’s a good way to get to know the people you’re learning the animation program with. The help you along the way, we have to work together.”

As a reward for winning the tournaments, participants received a raffle ticket that was entered for a chance to win a $75 GameStop gift card. Previous gift card recipient, Rolando Rojas, returned for this Gamefest and another shot at an additional prize.

This Gamefest didn’t have as big of turnout as the one the Imagineers hosted at the beginning of this semester. Members of the organization believe the nice weather was mostly to blame for the lack of participants.

President of the Imagineers and senior computer design major Rae Barnstable said the good turnout on the first gamefest contributed to the Imagineers’ decision to host another one. The event served as a fundraiser for the organization. They want to money they raise to fund a trip in the future.

“We’re trying to raise money to visit Pixar in Canada,” Barnstable said. “We’re close to our goal, but now any profit that we make will be put toward the trip for next year.”

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