College of Business drops pre-majors

Leighann McGivern

Beginning in Fall 2011, the College of Business Administration will be dropping pre-majors for incoming freshmen.

Elizabeth Sinclair-Colando, assistant dean of the College of Business, said the change will allow students to be associated with their majors as soon as they come to Kent State.

“We felt that it made sense to get rid of that pre-program and just let students get in from the beginning,” Sinclair-Colando said.

Current students with pre-majors will have the option to switch over to the new system, although this change won’t happen automatically.

“Whenever you make a change in your major, you have to authorize it as a student,” Sinclair-Colando said. “If they want to change directly to their major and move out of pre into the major, we will do that, but the university requires a students’ signature on anything that changes their program.”

Sinclair-Colando said the change is part of an effort to make Kent State’s program “stand out from the crowd of all the other colleges of business across the United States.”

“We see it as a way to make us more competitive and to differentiate ourselves from what everybody else is doing,” Sinclair-Colando said.

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