10 Things to do before you graduate from Kent



Photo courtesy MCT Campus.

College is one of the best times to go out and try everything you were to young to do before. We’re at a time in our lives when we have relatively few responsibilities and are finally old enough to take advantage of that fact. There are a wealth of things to do in the area, but here are 10 things you should definitely keep on your pre-graduation bucket list. Comment below to add your own fav to the list.

1. Paint the spirit rock Usually defacing school property will get you arrested, but painting this rock is encouraged. Located on the Main Street edge of campus near the end of Hilltop Drive, the rock is probably more paint than rock at this point as it’s been used for everything from marriage proposals to memorials. It gets repainted nearly every day so your art won’t last long, but why not take part in this longstanding school tradition?

2. See a show at The Kent Stage Tickets are fairly reasonable and they get a wide range of acts so you’ll find something to tickle nearly anyone’s fancy. Plus they serve alcohol, so what’s not to love? Just remember to bundle up during the winter months as it can get a little nippy.

3. Sled off Hilltop Drive As far as the Kent campus is concerned this and blanket hill are probably the best places for sledding. Also with how long Ohio winters tend to last there’s no lack of opportunities to go. Just make sure your ride ends befor you hit Main Street.

4. Visit the fashion museum It’s free, what better incentive do you need? They also have some pretty amazing displays of fashion from as far back as the 18th century. Or if you’re into American history then you should check out the quilt made by Elizabeth Keckley from leftover scraps of Mary Todd Lincoln’s dresses.

5. Join at least one Student Organization Not only does having an extra curricular look good on your resume, but it provides an excellent opportunity to make friends with people who may be going into a similar field after they graduate.

6. Go to a football game Again the games are free to students and more people attend that you would think. Not to mention the fact that Kent State is one of the few schools that still serves beer at games.

7. Catch a show at the Rathskeller They have shows that feature everything from comedy to rock, so again a something for everyone kind of place. It’s also the only place on campus that serves alcohol. Tickets for the shows are sometimes free, but when they aren’t the price is nominal.

8. Go downtown for Halloween People from all over Northeast Ohio come to Kent for the party downtown during this holiday. The city usually has things for the underage crowd to do in the early evening. As the night wears on the costumed crowd gets wilder. You can catch people dressed as everything from a panda to a sexy witch.

9. Grab a ‘Mo-Fo’ burger at Ray’s This burger is to be featured on a future episode of The Foodnetwork’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate’ so it has to be good.

10. Go to Flashfest This concert event occurs right on campus and usually draws some pretty good acts. This year it’s Bruno Mars, We The Kings and Plan B. Entrance is $5 in contrast to it being free last year, but still it’s worth going.