“Dreamtiger & Other Tails” A Bethesda review



Bethesda does it again with a new EP, adding to their collection of whimsical tunes. “Dreamtiger & Other Tails” takes the form of a storybook — musically and lyrically. The booklet that comes with the EP is reminiscent of a children’s fairy tale book, hand drawings and all.

Similar to the folklore in children’s stories, Bethesda’s songs have a darker tone. Despite the happy beat and soaring vocals, the lyrics tell stories of a troubled family, lies and uncertainty.

This EP is a slight branch from Bethesda’s last album, “Love in a Time of Tra La La.” But Shanna Delaney’s vocals are familiar enough to recognize the songs are definitely Bethesda-made. Only one song has an obvious chorus while the others take the form of a narrative.

Here’s a small taste of each track from “Dreamtiger & Other Tails,” but make sure to purchase it to get the full effect.

A Song for the Peasant Farmer:

This song has a fun beat with poetic lyrics and speaks of what the death of a king will do for those who are less fortunate.

“Separate us from what breaks us. Bind us to what made us.”

Oh, How We Crane Our Throats:

This is a cute song that opens with a slow banjo playing in the background that sounds like music from the swamps of Louisiana. The song picks up as the meat of the story begins that makes the listener subconsciously bob his or her head.

“Why do I lay here in this old skin? Sinking deep, surrounding me, are you with me?”


The lyrics to this one are sad but brave. A mother is crying, a father speaks harshly, a brother forgets and a sister remembers. The melody flows and sways. The harmony rounds the sound out and cello adds a wonderful undertone to the whole tale.

“The rising beasts, the gnashing teeth, yet still we stand.”

Upon This Rock:

The vocals open the song right away and are bouncy and happy. The lyrics are more positive than the other tracks and talk of trusting in undying love.

“When the waters rise, what we’ve built won’t wash away.”


The title track shows off Delaney’s talent. The track is upbeat until the end where her voice takes the listener to another world. Her voice soars and the harmony fits perfectly. The final few minutes of the song sound almost like a march and speak of belief and freedom.

“Break down these walls! Now we can see the ocean speaks. We believe. We believe we are free.”

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