Top 15 cell phone games to pass the time

Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Sarah Husbands


1.Bulba The Cat

This tremendously addictive plot immerses you in a complex story of how a crow has stolen Bulba’s sushi. You, the gamer, must retrieve all of the sushi. But beware of the water and wooden logs on your mission. As you tilt your iPhone, you direct Bulba where to jump. One word to describe this game is entertaining yet strangely adorable. 99 cents


Whether you want to play against the computer or your Facebook friends, this app is better than the board game. With its teacher mode and cheater option, the game helps you develop from a beginner to a pro, letting you have up to 50 games going at the same time. It’s fairly addictive, but entirely worth it. $2.99

3.Plants v. Zombies

What can be worse then having a group of zombies trample your lawn? Not much. That’s why it’s your job to stop them with different kinds of foods. The word “zombie” should immediately draw you into this hilarious game. It has loads of performance enhancements and, let me say again: ZOMBIES. $2.99

4.Fruit Ninja

“Fruit Ninja” is a challenging, yet simple, game. The player slices several fruits while they glide across the screen, avoiding bombs. The higher your score, the more locked items you can obtain. This gives the player a reason to stay interested this purchase. 99 cents


Do you hate math? You won’t once you’ve played this hot iPhone game. The goal is to make falling globes of numbers disappear on a 7-by-7 grid. A hypnotizing soundtrack and visuals will keep your attention and make you feel even more brilliant than you already are. $4.99



“BOA” is much like the game snake, but with a twist. Your goal is to guide the snake through all of the different kinds of foods while staying away from the walls. The more foods your snake eats, the longer he becomes, which makes the game more challenging. This app is one to definitely have on your phone. Free

2.Finger Trap

This is an extremely addictive game that will give your reflexes a run for their money. You must keep your red square safe from other objects for as long as you can. Along with reflexes, this game tests your speed and agility. Free

3.Labyrinth 2

A classic game, “Labyrinth” is a game where you guide a steel marble to the end hole. You control the ball by tilting your Blackberry back and forth. The only challenge is the many holes and objects that you must prevent your marble from falling into or hitting. With its multiple levels and speeds, this game never leaves you with a dull moment. Labyrinth 2 – $4.99, Labyrinth 2 Lite – Free

4.Druglord Wars 2

Welcome to the world of dealers and sketchy cops all in a battle for nothing more than money and drugs. You can create your own empire while fighting the attackers who are out to get you. This game requires deep critical thinking, for every decision decides where you end. $1.99


A modern take on an old favorite, this hangman experience for your Blackberry is totally worth it, and it’s free! The goal of the gamer is to guess the correct word before running out of his limited chances. This game lets you have a ton of fun while developing your vocabulary and learning new words. Free


1.Angry Birds

When a group of birds live in fear of having their eggs stolen by green pigs, they seek vengeance. The only thing they can do is be launched into structures that land on the pigs, preventing them from reaching the eggs. The game never gets dull with its variety of levels keeping you wanting. Free

2.Red Card Rampage

This hilarious game is more of a physics puzzler then anything. The player takes revenge on the referees of soccer for making awful decisions during those close games. If you enjoy “Angry Birds,” then this is a game you have to check out. $1.62

3.Robo Defense

A tower defense game, “Robo Defense” offers the player 120 different levels. With the ability to be modified and customizable, this game provides challenges and fun that will last you for hours. $2.99

4.4.Abduction! 2

This is a fairly simple game where players bounce their character from each platform, which then ascends them higher and higher to the next platform without falling to their death. The greatest part about “Abduction 2” is there are four modes to choose from: Quick Game Mode, Adventure Mode, Classic Mode and Kid Mode. This game is insanely addictive and a must for any Droid owner.$2.20

5.World War

Played with multiple players or online, this war game lets you plan battles that will help you continue on to the next level. Once you reach higher levels, you are able to purchase better buildings that will in turn make you more successful in battle. If you enjoy combat role playing games, this will be an exciting and addicting game for you. Free

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