Hangovers: what helps and what hurts



Photo courtesy MCT Campus.

Saint Patty’s day is a holiday with the special ability to bring out the “Erin go Bragh” in people who never knew they were Irish in the first place. It also works as a handy reason to spend an entire day partying with your friends. Dealing with the aftermath? Not quite as much fun. As anybody who has woken up the next morning with a hangover can tell you the next few hours are not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There are a few tried and true methods for getting rid of the splitting headaches, queasy stomach and general feeling of having been thrown over Niagara Falls without the barrel.


>1. Gatorade/Powerade Dehydration is what causes most hangover symptoms and these sports drinks can help replenish what your body needs fast.

>2. Orange juice It not only tastes good, unlike a lot of the folk remedies out there, but it’s rich in vitamin c as well.

>3. Pickle juice Sounds disgusting, but some people swear by it.

>4. Bread Pretty much anything heavy in carbs will help absorb the alcohol remaining in your stomach.

5. Abstain. Yes, this probably sounds a lot like someone telling you the best way to avoid getting an STD is to avoid sex altogether. Advice that is both unlikely to be followed and unhelpful once you’ve actually got one. But it’s true.


>1. Advil/Asprin It may be tempting to pop whatever painkillers are within reach, but the alcohol still running through your veins may amplify the side effects. There’s a reason you’re usually advised not to chase your Vicodin with vodka.

>2. Hair of the dog It’s only going to delay the inevitable and you may feel even worse in the end.

>3. Coffee/Soda The caffeine in both drinks is only going to dehydrate you further and aggravate your symptoms.

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