“Do You Agree with Matt?”: Matt Smith speaks about God’s love in Kiva

Michaela Write

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Matt Smith, senior psychology major and Campus Crusade for Christ member, revealed his beliefs about God in the Kiva Thursday night.

The “Do You Agree with Matt?” campaign has been around campus for at least a week.

He said he was happy to be able to share his message with others.

“It felt good, and I’m glad people got to hear it,” Smith said. “It changed my life, and I want to share it with people. I don’t want to force it on people. If you don’t want it, you’ve got that choice.”

In his speech, Smith asked, “Do you agree that the God of the universe loves you? Do you believe that?”

He said he used to think he had to prove that he was a good person in order for God to love him. He said he realized in the seventh grade that even though he wasn’t perfect, God loved him for who he was. He wanted to share this message.

“I hope people can relate,” Smith said. “I know not everyone can relate to my story, but I hope people can relate to part of it. I hope people got something from it.”

Angela Henderhan, sophomore deaf education major and Campus Crusade for Christ member, said it is good to get the message about faith out to other people.

“I think it’s really important, especially in college,” Henderhan said. “It’s easier at home when you go to church every Sunday, but people get caught up during the week.”

Smith said he hopes people will continue to ask questions about his beliefs.

“I hope it doesn’t end here,” Smith said. “I hope that if people have questions that they seek out answers. Feel free to come and talk to me. Just because the week’s over doesn’t mean you can’t look me up and ask questions.”

Rushia Edwards, sophomore pre-nursing major, said that she enjoyed hearing what Smith had to say.

“It was good to hear from Matt finally,” Edwards said. “We’re all broken but God sent Jesus to redeem us from it all. It’s the reason why we live our lives, so why wouldn’t we want to share it?”

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