Students put their own “green” twists on St. Patrick’s Day


File photo by Brittany Ankrom

Bre Vozar

Whether it’s green eggs and ham or kegs and eggs, Kent State students find their own ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Although many will be celebrating their Irish heritage, or lack thereof, Thursday is just another day for Kyle Johannes. The junior human development and family studies major said he will be attending classes and working all day.

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“I think the holiday is ridiculous,” Johannes said. He also said he thinks students who wake up at 6 a.m. to drink should put forth as much dedication toward school and work.

He suggested that if students drink, they should do so responsibly.

“Some people don’t know how to have self control on St. Patrick’s Day,” Johannes said.

Unlike Johannes, sophomore exploratory major Jonathan Gore plans to take a break from classes and drink all day.

“I’m going to start drinking depending on when I wake up,” Gore said. “I’m celebrating all day.”

He plans on going to Cleveland for the annual parade. He said he’s one the few students celebrating who is actually Irish. Aside from his heritage, he is celebrating for no particular reason, other than the fact that everyone else is doing it.

“There’s going to be green beer and everything,” Gore said. “It just seems like the St. Patrick’s Day thing to do.”

Senior biochemistry major Natalya Semenets said she doesn’t understand why people drink all day to celebrate.

“At least celebrate later on,” Semenets said. “When you see drunk people at three in the afternoon, it’s kind of ridiculous.”

She said she plans on studying and maybe going to Rock the Runway instead of the bars.

Freshman exploratory major Cory Ortman plans to both go to class and go out later.

“I have a test in the morning, but I’m definitely going out later on,” Ortman said.

Similar to many students, Ortman will be celebrating despite the lack of knowledge about the holiday.

“Drinking at 6 a.m. is pretty extreme, but maybe I’ll do it one year,” Ortman said. “It’s just an excuse to get really drunk for the day.”

Shelby McMillin, sophomore fashion merchandising major, will also be celebrating a little later in the day after an exam, but she doesn’t mind missing morning festivities.

McMillin said she thinks the reason people drink so much on St. Patrick’s Day is because the Irish are stereotypically thought of as big drinkers.

“I think people should maybe research the real reason that St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated, and then celebrate in a way the Irish do that isn’t drinking,” McMillin said. “You can party and celebrate without being wasted all day.”

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