Students voice concerns at the open student forum

Jessica Costello

Students and representatives from different departments on campus attended an open student forum Tuesday hosted by Kent Interhall Council.

“The open student forum is mainly to give a place to students to ask questions in a central location, get things answered and meet different department representatives,” said Wes Fisher, director of Student Relations.

Students asked a broad range of questions regarding everything from the use of FLASHcash in vending machines to the possibility of being able to text the university police department in an emergency. Both Dining Services and Kent State University Police Department will be looking into those suggestions, but there are no future plans.

Students also asked questions regarding Student Legal Services. They wanted to know what services are offered and what that department charges. Student Legal Services represents students involved in misdemeanors and landlord versus tenant cases, as well as other legal issues for $9 a semester.

Another concern was directed to University Health Services and its options for HIV testing. The next HIV testing date is March 17. The testing is free through the Office of Health Promotion, and students are able to get test results back within 15 minutes. Students should call health services to make an appointment.

Representatives from Residence Services, Kent State University Police Department, Student Legal Services, Campus Security, Dining Services, Department of Athletics, ResNet, Undergraduate Student Government and Office of Health Services were all in attendance to answer questions.

“I contact as many departments as I can to come out and hear issues from the students,” Fisher said.

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