Red Wanting Blue rocks the Kent Stage

Red Wanting Blue, a folk/rock band from Columbus, OH, took to the Kent Stage Saturday, March 12th. Photo by Anthony Vence.

Having only heard of Red Wanting Blue a few weeks ago, I can now easily see how they have gained such a devoted and vocal following during their years on the road. After ten years of playing at bars and other small venues, the time was ripe for Red Wanting Blue to break out into full-scale hard-ticket music halls. Surely, I’m not alone when I say that the band’s debut performance at the Kent Stage was a resounding success, hopefully indicative of future appearances.

Red Wanting Blue’s show at the Kent Stage on Saturday, March 12th was truly a moving musical experience. The band played a (mostly) acoustic set followed by an electric set with a short intermission. Both sets were filled to the bursting point with energy and emotion; some of the songs had never been played in front of an audience before. Nearly every member of the audience was on his or her feet for the entire show, many singing along. The band, particularly lead singer Scott Terry, seemed driven to get the crowd into the experience, which they did effortlessly. Call me crazy, but at some points in the performance, it almost felt as though Terry was singing to me and me alone.

The level of passion and emotional investment present in the music was so palpable that each song sounded as if it was the last one of the show. Every song held a unique personality and told a story, and they all flowed together fabulously. It is difficult to describe Red Wanting Blue’s sound, but it carries a definite country/folk vibe with a lot of classic rock energy. Genre is far from important when Red Wanting Blue is concerned. What is important is honest musical storytelling. The band’s music stirs emotions in the listener and makes them want to move. I can only describe it as a larger-than-life sound.

As the band’s second set wound down and the show came to an end, the sounds of applause and emphatic cheer filled the theater. Red Wanting Blue walked offstage, and the crowd began chanting for an encore. A few moments passed, and the band came back out to play not one but two more songs. I like to think it’s safe to assume that nobody walked away from that concert disappointed. Ohio music fans would do well to keep an eye on Red Wanting Blue: coming soon to a legitimate music venue near you.