Top 5 sexiet places to go for spring break



These students know how to have a good time. Photo by MCT Campus.

Spring break, for most of you, might be a family trip to the Grand Canyon…lame! If you really want to get away and enjoy your spring break, I have the top five sexiest places to go to make your break worthwhile.

1. Cancun, Mexico – You are probably thinking this place is overrated, but it is still one of the sexiest places to go for spring break.

2. Panama City, Florida – This place is always rocking and the beach gives you a great opportunity to wear that new bikini you just bought!

3. South Beach, Florida – Cavaliers fans probably won’t go, but everyone else who loves the sun and awesome music would definitely enjoy this Florida hot spot.

4. Nassau, Bahamas – This is a great spot to soak up the sun. The water is nice and blue and the sand is white. What more can be said?

5. South Padre Island, Texas – If you are trying to remain in the States then head on down to this little island where you can ride scooters all around the beach.