Campus Flashionistas

Missy PasqualeJunior fashion merchandising “I wanted to wear this bright yellow shirt because it was springy; however, it’s still cold out so I wore a wintery scarf to tone down the spring. I really like the accessory trend that’s going on with tons of rings and overloaded jewelry, so that’s why I loaded up on rings. I wore my peacock earrings because I like the peacock trend that’s going on, and it tied all of the colors together.” Quevedo: “This is fashionable. She’s got the layers going on, and I like the multiple wraps… She could probably lose the sweater because what’s happened is that you lose her shape. It’s too many layers, even though layering is good.”

Taylor Rogers

Kent State “Flashionistas” are littering the campus.

They’re hovering around the library; they’re sipping lattes at Starbucks and they’re relaxing in the Student Center. These style-conscious women range from fashion know-it-alls to the almost trendy.

Vincent Quevedo, associate professor of fashion design, can tell the difference.

Quevedo sat down with the Daily Kent Stater to talk about figure-friendly frocks and the latest trends. He broke down each student’s outfit based on how it complemented her shape and environment.

Quevedo said he goes by three rules when judging everyday fashion: “Keep it simple; keep it clean and make sure things fit.”