Blogs to check up on this weekend

There are many blogs out there in the world, but a lot of them don’t have as much humor or information as student written blogs do. Here are some blogs which I feel are worthy of sharing from the student media bloggers. Each of these blogs are written by Kent State students and are each tied to one of the student-run publications here on campus.

1. Underground Library

  • Publication: The Burr
  • Author: Daniel Moore
  • About: Daniel Moore is someone who has either read too much or not read enough. He reviews books which you may or may not have heard of.
  • Most recent post: House of Leaves BY Mark Danielewski

2. Getting Lucky With Lindy

  • Publication: The Burr
  • Author: Kyle Lindemann
  • About: Kyle is the the kind of guy your mother warned you about, and he shows it in his advice giving blog.
  • Most recent post: Kyle talks about confidence and how women, like sharks, can smell weakness in a guy.

3. The “Glee” review

  • Publication: Fusion
  • About: Pretty much what the title says, GLEE! For all of you Gleeks out there this blog is the best place to go to catch up on the plot points in the past weeks episode and there are always the best quotes of the show.
  • Most recent post: Since there was no new episode this past week the post is about the drunk episode of “Glee”.

4. And I like you because…?

  • Publication: Artimis
  • Author: Michaela Neu
  • About: This blog post is about just why are we attracted to certain people?

What other blogs do you like to read in your spare time?