Beer delivery service coming to Kent

Daniel Page, junior pre-business management major, is starting a beer delivery service in Kent. The service will start next fall. Photo by Philip Botta.

Daniel Page, junior pre-business management major, is starting a beer delivery service in Kent. The service will start next fall. Photo by Philip Botta.

Leighann McGivern

Beginning in fall 2011, students won’t have to drive to a gas station or go out to the bars to get their hands on alcoholic beverages.

Daniel Page, junior pre-business management major, said he came up with the idea for Beer in a Flash, an alcohol delivery service, when he was driving in his car last year. He used the concept as part of an entrepreneurship class.

“There’s three successful beer delivery services at (The Ohio State University),” Page said. “If OSU can have three of them and have them all be successful, then Kent can have one.”

Beer offered


Budweiser 24 Pack

Bud Light 24 Pack

Coors Light 18 Pack

Coors Light 24 Pack

Miller Light 18 Pack

Miller High Life 30 Pack

Busch 30 Pack

Busch Light 30 Pack

Pabst 30 Pack

Keystone 30 Pack

Natural Light 30 Pack


Great Lakes 6 Pack

Burning River

Commodore Perry

Dortmunder Gold

Samuel Adams 6 Pack

Smirnoff Ice 6 Packs:


Green Apple Bite

Wild Grape

Cranberry Lime Lemonade

Strawberry Acai

24-oz. Cans:

Steel Reserve

Twisted Tea

Four Loko:

Blue Raspberry

Fruit Punch


Lemon Lime




Sparks Original

Blackberry Ultraviolet

Lemon Stinger


Beer in a Flash will run Monday through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. and will offer a wide range of beers and other alcoholic beverages. Page said the service will also deliver 30 packs of beer pong cups and four ping pong balls for $4.

“The best way to describe it is just like ordering a pizza but with beer,” Page said.

Michael Crow, junior history major, said he is considering becoming a driver for Beer in a Flash.

“I think it has the potential to be a great asset to those of us who enjoy the party scene,” Crow said. “However, the underage market could very quickly put an end to the service, so that would have to be addressed.”

Page said Beer in a Flash would be a licensed alcohol distributer and check IDs upon delivery. The service will deliver beverages at the same price as gas stations, but with a 15 percent delivery charge.

“If you think about it, if you get three cases, 15-percent delivery charge on $40 is $6, so to get it delivered, that’s not much,” Page said.

Elizabeth Murray, sophomore education major, said she wouldn’t mind paying the extra money to have her drinks delivered when she turns 21 because she doesn’t have a car.

“Fifteen percent would only be about an extra $3 per case,” Murray said. “They help us, and we help them.”

Page said he hopes Beer in a Flash will reduce the amount of drunk driving in and around Kent.

“We hope to have the support of the Kent State Police Department,” Page said.

Michquel Penn, a Kent State police officer, said delivering alcoholic beverages is not a new concept for the city of Kent.

“During the time a local business provided the same service, I did not notice a significant increase or decrease in the number of (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence) arrests here on campus,” Penn said.

Jaqui Gemberling, junior English major, said she most likely won’t use Beer in a Flash, but understands its appeal to students.

“I probably wouldn’t use (Beer in a Flash) because I mainly go to the bars now or just buy beer on the way out for the night,” Gemberling said. “I think the service is a good idea for house parties, though.”

Page said at first he plans to deliver only within the city of Kent but will expand if the business is successful.

“We just have to advertise this as much as we can while kids are in school, and then nail that stuff down over the summer,” Page said. “Advertising is our main business right now.”

Page said he will be promoting Beer in a Flash around campus and is currently selling T-shirts through the company’s Facebook page, which also has a menu of beverages.

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