Obama Administration informs Pierce of new youth program

Caitlin Restelli

After two conference calls with the White House, Justin Pierce, Undergraduate Student Government executive director, learned of President Obama’s youth engagement initiative.

Between now and May 31, Obama has asked his administrative officials to attend 100 roundtables held by young Americans to discuss issues.

Pierce, senior finance major, attended the first roundtable forum held by Obama and his cabinet in Cleveland on Feb. 22.

“The White House, prior, had asked me to serve as a student testimonial from my experience at the roundtable at Cleveland,” said Pierce.

Pierce said he thinks his generation does not expect much from the government.

“This kind of changes that,” Pierce said. “This gives us some new expectations.”

If interested in hosting a roundtable, students can sign up at http://www.whitehouse.gov/youngamericans.

Young Americans can host a roundtable in their community and invite the administration to attend. Obama and his senior administration will attend as many as their schedules permit. The administration will let the young Americans know if someone from the administration will be attending within 24-48 hours in advance, according to whitehouse.gov..

“The percentage of roundtables that will have some sort of administration present is going to be very high,” Pierce said. “The president is very, very adamant about this initiative.”

This program is something Pierce said he would like to see come to Kent State. He said USG is going to see if other student groups are planning to host a roundtable.

“If there aren’t a dozen or so minus students who want to host one of these, then USG will and invite other students who are interested,” Pierce said.

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