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Three entrepreneurship majors display paintings and drawings from student artists on the walls of their art shop. Hand-made jewelry, tee-shirts and photographs create an atmosphere that is both fresh and artistic in the Student Center.

The Vault is a space that promotes creativity, uniqueness and Kent State student artists. It sells only student made, affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces from up-and-coming artists.

“We really want to focus on the students and help them get their names out in the world too,” Sara Gans, co-owner and creator of The Vault said. “We want to focus on young artists who have brand new, creative thoughts about expressing their artwork.”

Sara Gans, Brittany Gorrell and Brittani Peterson are all sophomore entrepreneurship majors, whose idea for The Vault was born out of their previous entrepreneurship course.

“Last semester in our Experience I class, it was mandatory that we think of a business,” Brittany Gorrell, co-owner and creator said. “At first we wanted to help the fashion students sell their clothing, but then we thought to combine both fashion and art.”

Gorrell said after they were issued a $1,000 loan by the university, they opened The Vault on Jan. 21.

“It’s all consignment,” Gorrell said. “Artists put their work in here for free, and we keep it here for three months and if it sells, they get 70 percent and we keep 30 percent, which will go toward paying for the loan. We can issue ourselves checks at some point, but now we are focused on growing the business.”

Gorrell said the artists price their work. So far, The Vault has sold more than $400 in artwork.

Gans said they are grateful for Jacqueline Parsons, executive director of the Student Center and Dining Services, for her help and kindness.

“She was there when we were giving our initial pitches, and she allowed us to have the space,” Gans said. “It wouldn’t be possible without her.”

Gans said after a tedious amount of networking and surveying local art shows, they were finally able to connect with artists who were willing to put a price on their work.

The Vault

The Vault is located in Room 221 of the Student Center, near the Governance Chambers

It sells jewelry, knit-work, T-shirts, hoodies, glass work, paintings, photography, sculptures and drawings.


Monday 12-3

Tuesday 11-4

Wednesday 12-5

Thursday 11-4

Friday 11-2

“First we started through the art classes, but that wasn’t bringing anything in,” Gans said. “Then we started going to the art club meetings and speaking to their presidents. I also have some friends in the art department who have some freelance artists.”

Rachel Stadtler, senior crafts major, said working with The Vault is a really great way as an artist to get exposure. She said she has sold some of her knit-work and has some of her paintings and sculptures for sale.

“These guys are really nice to work with,” Stadtler said. “It’s fun and just another way to get yourself and your name out there.”

Greg Willet, senior fine arts major, said The Vault is a creative space where students can buy artwork. He said he has sold a few colorful, abstract glass pieces in the shop.

“It’s just another outlet to sell more work,” Willet said. “Generally, the clientele that come through here drop more money.”

Gorrell said The Vault is always accepting student work, and artists looking to sell should contact the store.

“We are still looking for more people to put their work in our store,” Gorrell said. “Artists who place their work in here get paid more for it.”

Gans said she encourages the general public to stop in and check out new, upcoming student artists. She said it’s exciting to see fresh, creative ideas coming from Kent student artists.

“It’s a unique store with tons of student made artwork,” Gans said. “They are really showcasing the talents of Kent State students.”

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