10 signs that you may be a Facebook stalker.


Photo courtesy MCT Campus

1.you regularly have to pretend you don’t know how someone is doing.

You know everything they’ve done and everywhere they’ve been, but the last time you admitted it you got blocked.

2.You know more about your friends parents than they do.

3.You find yourself trolling the photo albums of ‘friends of friends.’

You don’t know any of these people but you’ll friend them anyway.

4.You created a false account to find out what people are saying about you.

5.You know your ex’s password and use it to re-friend yourself after they block you.

Suzi Stalker has added you as a friend

*Block* *Block* *Block*

“You’re so funny! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3”

6.You frequent any place you can identify your crush has been by the photos on their wall.

7.You’ve memorized the times all of your ‘friends’ log in.

8:30… 8:33… 8:37… John’s on!

8.You know the wall-to-wall button well.

you may not have been included in the conversation or even know most of the people, but you’re determinded not to miss out anyway.

9.You check their relationship status more than you do your own email.

Today will be the day they leave that idiot in the dust and run away to Maui with you.

10.You think blocking you is their way of playing hard to get.