10 things girls don’t understand about guys

1. Why don’t you express yourself?

I know that you guys don’t like talking about your feelings and emotions but come on. You can’t just do it once in a while for us? Don’t you know it is not good to hold in all of those feelings. One day you will just explode! Girls love it when you talk about that mushy stuff. A tip for you guys, do it once in a while and you will make us really happy.

2. You do something nice for us and you automatically think that you are going to get some.

News flash! Not all girls are sluts. We don’t sleep with you just because you take us out for a romantic night on the town. You should want to do nice things for us to make us feel special and let us know that we are “the one.” Sometimes actions speak louder than words guys.

3. Video games are for you and your guys!

O.k., this is understandable to an extent. We know you and your guys like to play video games together and that is fine but why don’t you ask us if we want to play games with you sometime? I don’t know about all girls but I know I enjoy playing video games sometimes. Share the things that you like to do with us, it will make us feel all that more closer with you.

4. Why do you creep on us?

When you hit on a girl and she gives you the cold shoulder, walk away and let it go. Don’t keep coming back for more. And don’t stare at us after your attempt to talk to us doesn’t work. We get creeped out and we will never give you the time of day after that.

5. Don’t stare at our boobs or butts.

Why do you guys have to do this? I had a guy friend who had this way of checking a woman out without her even realizing it (even when he was talking to her face-to-face). All guys should learn how to do this. It would save us the awkward moment of realizing you were looking at our boobs while we are talking to you and ruining your chance of getting with us.

6. Why are you obsessed with sports?

You guys are so interested in sports. What is the big deal? We like them too but we don’t talk about them all the time, 24/7! Please, don’t make us watch ESPN overtime we are together.

7. Watching t.v.

Why do you guys always get to hold the remote. Why can’t we change the channels one night? We watch the things you want to but you can’t watch one of our shows? As soon as you come around the t.v., you are the ruler of the remote. Just to let you know, we don’t ilke that.

8. Why do you lie?

One thing that we can not stand is a guy who lies. It is the worst thing you could do. Just tell us the truth from the beginning. WE ALWAYS FIND OUT! You can’t get away with it.

9. Money is Power.

Guys say that they don’t want us to date them for their money. But, you talk about how much money you have or show us by spending crazy amounts. If you don’t want a trophy wife then why don’t you let us get to know you by showing us your personality and character.

10. Why do you stop doing nice things?

After we have been together for a long time, the romantic and sweet stuff you guys do for us stop. You guys get too comfortable. Why do you guys do that? We love it when you do nice things for us even after we have been together for so long. It lets us know that we are still important in your life and that the feelings are still the same as before.