Sideline Diva helps women understand sports

Michael Moses

“Now babe, what position is he? Why did they kick it? Why is it only worth one point? I thought when it goes through the long pole things it was worth 3 points?”

The above quotes are why I’m going to love almost as much as women sports fans will.

Guys, there is now a sports website devoted to your mom, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc. Gone are the days that we roll our eyes, mumble, “Shut up, I’m trying to watch the game.” Gone are the dreaded explanations to the most obvious questions in our world of sports.

Melissa Gentile, founder of, has been a sports fan her entire life. She’s a proud owner of more than 1,000 baseball cards, but she is also a self-proclaimed “girly girl.”

Although she grew up in Hudson, Ohio, she was raised a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Gentile’s father grew up in Pittsburgh and was a huge Steelers fan — meaning she was born a black and gold.

He taught her the rules, positions, teams, everything the NFL had to offer. Gentile’s father passed away when she was just 9 years old. She is quick to tag him as her motivation to pass on the knowledge of sports to girls of all ages.

As for how she started the website, she remembers it like it was yesterday.

“Opening day 2009, the Steelers were playing the Tennessee Titans,” she recalls.

After the overtime victory, she said that it just hit her.

“I was wondering how many girls were actually watching and understanding the game,” Gentile said. “I wanted to make something devoted to women sports fans.”

At first, Gentile wanted to make a magazine or publication, but after looking into the prices, the Internet became the most affordable and best way to reach out to the public.

One of Gentile’s coworkers designs websites and helped her with the new site,

Sideline Diva was started in 2009 and has been constantly updated throughout its existence. You can find the Diva on Facebook (search Sideline Diva) and Twitter (@sidelinediva).

Sideline Diva specializes in football and basketball, both professional and NCAA coverage. There are graphics showing each team’s positions and what they do, in girl terms, so to speak.

Here’s an example: “Wide Receiver (WR) – catches passes, often down the field for large yard gains; usually tall, thin and quick.”

There are direct links to the sites of every professional team broken down by conference. There’s a forum for ladies to post discussions and interact with other fans. The site also includes definitions for common terms.

The next time your girlfriend asks what a pass interference call or a backcourt violation is, just point her toward the site. Gentile’s site is going to save a lot of arguing and a lot of relationships.

Recently, Gentile was contacted by another women’s website to partner up and swap articles to help the viewership of both of their sites. All things are looking up for the Sideline Diva, and with her Steelers in this weekend’s Super Bowl, she couldn’t be more ecstatic.

“I’m hosting the ultimate Super Bowl party — homemade Italian food, lots of beer and Wiz Khalifa!”

So, ladies, and even gentlemen, make sure you take a second to type in “” and take a look for yourself. Pass it on to all your friends. It’ll help out the site itself, the female population and most importantly, us men!

We need peace and serenity during games. We can’t continue to waste time and explain every detail of every play! Only positive things can result from this site, and we owe a big thanks to Melissa Gentile!

That is, until women start trying to correct us during games. Then we can just blame her.

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