Single survival guide


Cheers to being single.

Don’t think of Valentine’s Day as celebrating it with your significant other, think about Valentine’s Day as celebrating a day of love. Focus on the current relationships you have, whether they are with your family or your friends. Saint Valentine stood up for love, not romantic partners.

1. Spend time with your family

• Play a board game

• Make dinner together

• Watch your favorite movies

2. Hang out with your single friends

• Plan a party

• Pig out in your sweatpants

• Challenge your friends to a video game

3. Do something out of the ordinary

• Volunteer

• Clean your house/dorm

• Tutor someone

4. Go out on group dates

• Go to the movies with a mixture of your good guy and girl friends

• Go ice skating with your single friends

• Throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party (That’s what I did)

5. Design a relationship-building plan

• Treat yourself to a massage to relax you and get you thinking

• Find new ways you can meet singles

• Make a goal and challenge yourself to achieve it

More tips:

• Don’t go on with the day hating yourself for being single, instead think about all the money you save without having to spend it on someone else

• Distract yourself by getting all your homework done, or picking up a shift at work