The snow day everyone waited for

Christine Morgan

Tuesday’s snow day gave students a chance to catch up on sleep and skip the exams they’ve been dreading. As the winter storm brews, students said they hope there will be more snow days to come.

“If we had no school (Wednesday) that would give me even more time to study,” said Tilea Ford, a freshman finance major. “I was excited because I have a lot of exams due.”

Jacob Gray, junior journalism major, walked to his first class at 3:15 p.m. and noticed the campus streets were empty.

“I was walking to class, and I was unaware that classes were canceled,” Gray said. “I noticed that there was nobody around, and I thought something was weird. Now I’m going to walk back to my dorm and get something to eat.”

Danny Parker, freshman exploratory major, and McKenzie Jones, sophomore architecture major, enjoyed their snow day in the Student Center.

“I was overjoyed to hear there was a snow day because I could finally sleep in,” Parker said. “I’m up early every day for class, so it feels good. Tonight, I’m going to cuddle up with my teddy bear and watch ‘The Hangover,’ ‘Blow’ and ‘Pineapple Express.’”

Jones said she enjoyed the day off but wished it happened on one of her busier days.

“I mean, I kind of wish it was on a Monday or Wednesday because those are my big days,” Jones said. “I only have one class today, but I’m still pretty excited about it.”

Kaylee Bryan, freshman early childhood education major, told her roommate, MacKenzie Serra, freshman nutrition and food major, the snow day news.

“I was excited because I had a chemistry exam, and it’s my worst subject,” Serra said. “I was getting ready to go to class, and my roommate told me that we had no class.”

Bryan said she is just excited to catch up on some much needed sleep.

“I was really excited because I was so tired,” Bryan said. “I was just so happy that I could just go back to bed. I slept until noon today. I’m probably going to finish up some homework and work out a little bit.”

Sarah Kulp, sophomore pre-marketing major, said she is annoyed with the snow day because she missed important review sessions.

“I thought it was kind of stupid because it was nice outside,” Kulp said. “I was mad that I missed my classes. I was supposed to have two review sessions, but I’m still having the tests on Thursday. I think it’s fine outside¬ — the sidewalks are plowed and I don’t know why we even had a snow day.”

Vince Milluzzi, junior physics major, said he enjoyed his day off playing pool with one of his friends in the Student Center.

Milluzzi said he planned to enjoy his time off while it lasted.

“I slept in three hours more than usual,” Milluzzi said. “I’m just going relax and finish some homework. I’m going to enjoy the time off while I still have it.”

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