Students plan early with résumés and internships

Christine Morgan

Despite the winter chill, now is the time for students to begin networking and searching for their summer internship, said the Career Services Center.

Ann Motayar, director of Career Services Center, said she encourages students to start preparing for internships early and avoid common mistakes.

Cara Schmauch, freshman athletic training major, has already started preparing for her future.

“In high school, I was in a two-year program for athletic training,” Schmauch said. “It’s nice because we shadowed professionals in the field. It was cool to network with the people who might hire you in the future.”

Motayar said internships are the best way employers hire prospective employees.

“Students should always, if they are ready, be looking for an internship experience that connects with their long-term career goals, but any student job is a great way to build skills,” Motayar said.

Motayar suggests some tips students should do now to prepare for their summer internship, which may lead to their future career.

“A résumé that stands out has to be in mint condition,” Motayar said. “Ideally, you would tailor your résumé to your desired position. Get your documents in order and practice your interviewing skills. Find a job that will match what your long-term career goals are.”

Motayar said the biggest complaint she hears from employers is students who walk into the interview without any prior knowledge about their prospective employer.

“Researching employers is really critical,” Motayar said. “Students need to do their homework before going into an interview, otherwise they don’t think you take them seriously or there isn’t a level of commitment.”

Carla Owens, associate director of Career Services, said that statistics report almost 70 percent of job hires are a result of networking. She said a job search and internship search have their differences but share some similarities.

“Students may have a major, but they don’t know what they can do with their major,” Owens said. “Both students in search of an internship or job must narrow down what they ultimately want, but it’s obviously more critical for the person soon to graduate.”

Owens said the skills employers look for hasn’t changed much.

“We are finding that what employers are looking for hasn’t changed from year to year,” Owens said. “Interpersonal skills are critical, whether that be verbal or written. Employers are looking for people with very strong values and ethical behavior.”

Schmauch said the program she did in high school taught her skills that make class material in college a review.

“I would totally recommend getting involved early because it helps you so much more,” Schmauch said. “Even as a freshman, I understand what my teachers are saying because I already know what they are talking about.”

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