Jamie Callender named new adviser of The College Republicans

Caitlin Restelli

The College Republicans student organization welcomed a new faculty adviser.

The organization approached Jamie Callender, a political science instructor, earlier this semester because they wanted someone who was very active.

“I was really happy to be asked to help out,” Callender said.

In previous years, the College Republicans had many democratic faculty advisers, which surprised Callender.

“It would help if your faculty adviser would be the same as the organization they are supporting,” Callender said.

Callender was an Ohio House Representative from 1997 to 2004 and is preparing to run for a seat in the senate in 2012. The districts have not been decided, but Callender said he thinks he will represent Lake and Geauga County.

Callender has been an attorney partner at Buckley King, a mid-size national law firm, since 2007.

He came to Kent State University in 2005 and instructs an American Politics course as well as a State Government course in the spring. In the fall, Callender is an instructor for the Columbus Program for Intergovernmental Issues, which allows Kent State students to spend a semester in Columbus, where they take classes and intern.

Greg Allison, media chairman for the College Republicans, attended the Columbus program last fall.

“I know him well enough to know that he will help our group out and that he’ll help us grow,” Allison, political science major, said.

Callender sees the position as his chance to mentor the members as they create a mission and fulfill their goals.

“I think the role of a faculty advisor is to sit back and watch and allow the students to develop and really shape their one organization,” Callender said.

Andrew Polz, president of College Republicans, is very pleased to have Callender on board.

“He has a great deal of experience, and I think he could help us more than anybody we’ve had in years,” Polz, senior integrated social studies major, said.

Polz said he is looking forward to working with Callender more this semester.

“He is a gentleman; he’s very great guy, nice to work with,” Polz said. “It’s nice to have somebody that is very much for the republican cause.”

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